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Tips on Voice Recording

Tips on Voice Recording

Up there with life’s monumental dilemmas comes voice recording – Trunk-side recording vs. Extension-side, which one is right for your organisation?

Both are well-established and mature offerings with hundreds of thousands of channels deployed globally. The following matrix highlights the advantages and disadvantages of each offering:

In general the larger the recording requirement the higher the costs will be for extension-side recording. The management costs also increase. The Achilles heel for the trunk-side offering is its inability to record internal calls.

Smaller organisations invariably opt for extension-side recording, as the cost of a trunk-side recording solution at this level is prohibitive. Remember that in most instances recording trunk-side requires integration with the switch to provide call information. This is necessary in order to determine which trunk an extension utilised in order to facilitate the search and replay of calls.

As illustrated above, there are a sufficient number of differentiators between the two offerings for a clear, informed decision to be made.

If only choosing a takeaway was that easy, Indian or Chinese, hmmm?

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