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The case of the disappearing Wordnet 1’s

The case of the disappearing Wordnet 1’s

As conspiracy theories go 3 of the best are:- JFK was not shot by Lee Harvey Oswald, Neil Armstrong did not walk on the moon and a mysterious organization is not destroying Wordnet 1’s in deepest Norfolk.

As many of you know, poor old WN1 users have a bit of a problem because the manufacturer has stopped producing spares so Business Systems launched a concerted effort to round up all stray WN1’s to help those customers in greatest need. A small herd (is this the right collective noun for WN1 recorders?) was identified and corralled in Norfolk awaiting inclusion into the Business Systems Recovery Program but it was not to be; as if by magic all have vanished into thin air.

The Monitor’s news hound was sent to investigate and reports back that all that can be found are a few broken circuit boards and the official word is, “there are rustlers about”. To be frank, we smell a rat.

Does this mean that the Business Systems WN1 Recovery Program is dead – no way Jose! This little setback means we try harder; Business Systems is calling everyone with old WN1’s, “don’t put them in the crusher”; instead, give us a call (ask for Mick Tuckwell) and well put them to good use. Just think of your contribution as a little bit like ‘Shoes for Africa’ only the recipient is closer to home.

Support for discontinued recorders

As manufacturers release new products into the market, older versions become discontinued with spare parts and support also being phased out accordingly. Business Systems continues to provide support on these products – for more information check out our webpage on Support for discontinued recorders or get in touch on 0800 458 2988. 

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