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Bang goes Wordnet 2 – so play safe with your maintenance

Bang goes Wordnet 2 – so play safe with your maintenance

Nice have now announced the withdrawal of product support for the Wordnet 2, as of May 31st 2006. Whilst this announcement is welcome insofar as it clears up the ambiguity, the deadline seems a little harsh; especially for those organisations that have been happily buying the product during 2004. If you consider a 4-year write-off or 6-year replacement period, this leaves many companies with a cavernous 2 – 4 year dead-zone in their maintenance support, which is unacceptable.

The answer is to register with Business Systems Wordnet 2 long-term support program. The good news is that Business Systems is stockpiling spares for the Wordnet 2 and will provide extended maintenance to organisations that need support beyond Nice’s cut-off period. You can either call and speak to Mick Tuckwell or get more information from sales-mgr@businesssystemsuk.com, but the important thing is to get registered.

Watch this space for the Vocal Soap Box, news on what’s happening, product releases, UK installations and much more in 2005

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