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Call Centre Advisory Service – Win Win or your money back!

Call Centre Advisory Service – Win Win or your money back!

Do you remember those ads on the telly with Victor Kyam, extolling the virtues of a particular brand of electric shaver and offering to give you your money back if you weren’t completely satisfied. Indeed, Victor was so happy with his shaver, he told us he bought the company! Well we’ve decided to take a leaf out of Victor’s book and do something similar, with our call centre advisory service.

Business Systems introduced an advisory programme at the beginning of 2003 to help our Call Centres customers get real financial return from the technology they were buying. Our rationale being; to assist our customers to improve quality programmes, or develop better working practice by integrating recording technology, processes and people. Thereby further utilising quality applications and proven methodologies, to achieve faster system payback, ie; the classic win-win. The programme has produced excellent results, so much so that we are now prepared to offer a ‘no quibble’ 100% guaranteed refund if any client is not completely satisfied with the advise we provide. For further details contact Stephan Hepton, Head of Advisory Programme, Business Systems UK Ltd.

And a final word for Victor, we would be delighted if you bought any of our products but please note, the company is not for sale.

Typical Results from Call Centre Advisory programme

  • First resolution has been improved by 18%
  • Using our quality monitoring application more efficiently has saved 1 hour administration per day per evaluator
  • Improved customer service response times from 48 hours to same day
  • Decreased call handling time by 33 hours per day with estimated savings of £100k per annum
  • Our conversion rate has gone up 16% to 40% in 6 months
  • Improved customer satisfaction and retention which has increased revenue by 1000 euros

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