How Can Financial Organisations Remain Compliant In a Work-From-Home Environment?

How Can Financial Organisations Remain Compliant In a Work From Home Environment


The pandemic has had a significant effect on how business are being run, due to the challenges of homeworking and changes to technology.  According to Julia Hoggett, the FCA’s Director of Market Oversight, banks must still deliver the same standard of surveillance with home workers as they would in an office environment.  Hoggart warned that any challenges faced at the beginning of the pandemic where the usual levels of recording and surveillance were not possible, should now be fixed.

It now seems there is no room for error. It also seems that misconduct may especially be increased by use of encrypted and unmonitored communication apps such as WhatsApp, which can be responsible for sharing potentially sensitive information connected with work. If this is the case, organisations must ensure that these apps are being recorded and auditable.

The pandemic can no longer be used as an excuse for non-compliance. The FCA expect both office and remote working arrangements to be equivalent and to play their part in ensuring our markets are clean whatever the times and whatever the challenges.

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How To Unlock the Goldmine of Intelligence Buried In Your Contact Center With Analytics

How To Unlock The Intelligence Buried In Your Contact Centre With Analytics

Guest Blog – Rachel Auer, Product Marketing Manager, Calabrio – USA

In the era of big data, data is everywhere! But accessing and using this data can be tricky, and that’s where analytics can become a vital tool. So, we teamed up with our partner Business Systems to host a webinar around this popular topic (to catch the webinar replay, click here >)

For those who couldn’t make it, here’s a re-cap of the session! Firstly, let’s start with a brief definition of what analytics is. Analytics is taking all the information and data that is within your contact center to help you make faster and more consistent decisions that would otherwise go unnoticed. It will give you true insights from your customer and agent interactions.  We do this using speech, desktop and text analytics.

Below is a quick summary of 10 use cases for analytics.

*Don’t forget to ask yourself the questions in each section to see if you can answer with confidence instead of making a guess! 

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Call Recording Management – How the Head of IT can manage large Call Recording Platforms

Call Recording Management - How the Head of IT can manage large Call Recording Platforms

Most organisations are dealing with rapidly evolving and growing technology landscapes and voice architecture plays a big part in thisCall Recording solutions have been around for years, it’s an established technology and many organisations are now on their second, third, fourth or even fifth generation voice recording solution – and therein lies the problem.   

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Business Systems (UK) Ltd Awarded Supplier Place on SPARK DPS

Business Systems awarded supplier place on SPARK DPS

Isleworth, August 3, 2020 – Business Systems, a leader in voice recording and enterprise workforce optimisation solutions, has been named as a supplier on Crown Commercial Service’s (CCS) SPARK DPS, a Technology Innovation Marketplace that can help government and public sectors access new and emerging technology products.

SPARK DPS allows Business Systems to provide Workforce Optimisation solutions to all UK public sector organisations. Public sector customers are expected to benefit from these emerging technologies predicted to have the largest impact over the next 2 to 5 years to streamline processes and completely replace existing technologies and methods.

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Top 4 Benefits Of A Cloud Contact Centre

Top 4 Benefits of A Cloud Contact Centre

The chaos of the worldwide pandemic has pushed us to the verge of another cloud migration . We’ve seen it with data storage, and we will now witness the same evolution in the contact centre industry, moving from the on-premise call centre solution to a cloud contact centre.

Why implement Cloud Contact Centre technology?

It’s a reality that COVID-19 caused contact centres worldwide to struggle as they attempted to implement efficient remote-working solutions for their contact centre agents. Implementation needed to happen fast and made many businesses realised that a cloud contact centre offered scalability and operational efficiency in addition to remote working. And as a second wave of the virus threatens to make an appearance, contact centres need to remain prepared and ensure their systems and processes are in place to cope for another potential lockdown.

There are many reasons as to why now is the right time to make a move to a cloud based call centre solution. Here’s our top 4.

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How To Manage A Gradual Return To The Office With Workforce Planning

How To Manage A Gradual Return To The Office With Workforce Planning Blog Banner

These past few weeks have been promising.

The pandemic lockdown restrictions have slowly started to lift. Shops (and soon even pubs) are gradually starting to re-open.

Businesses are now also complying with a host of new workplace guidelines, designed to create safe workspaces for employees.

According to GOV.UK, the main objective to these guidelines is to: ‘maintain social distancing wherever possible, on arrival and departure’.

As more of us might start to make a gradual return to the office, contact centre workforce planning teams need to carry on doing what they do best – balancing work volumes with workforce capacity, whilst ensuring a high level of customer service.

But this time, let’s not forget they also need to consider the new workplace guidelines…

How can Workforce Management functionality help?

The rest of this article can be found exclusively on Scott Budding’s Linkedin Author posts. Check our the rest of this article – ‘How To Manage A Gradual Return To The Office With Workforce Planning’.

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Navigating & Adapting Your Contact Centre For the Future

Navigating & Adapting Your Contact Centre For the Future

As the COVID-19 lockdown restrictions slowly start to ease, businesses are now turning their attention to reopening and looking forward. Organisations, particularly contact centres are now operating in a world that already looks different to the one we left a few months ago.

It’s an everchanging landscape, where contact centres now need to be thinking strategically rather than tactfully, so we thought it timely to team up with our partners NICE inContact, to deliver an insightful webinar on how you can navigate and adapt your contact centre throughout the next phase of events the lockdown restrictions may bring.

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Top Tips for Combating Challenges In The Contact Centre During COVID-19

Top Tips For Combating Challenges In The Contact Centre During COVID-19

Our latest webinar, ‘Top Tips for Combating Challenges in The Contact Centre’ was packed with an array of knowledge, best practice techniques and even a very good list of suggestions on what to watch next on Netflix, thanks to our audience contributions! (Tiger King it is then!).

Here are the top takeaways from the day:

Demand V Customer Service

COVID-19 has meant for many contact centres, juggling a balancing act between managing demand whilst still providing a good customer experience.

Depending on the industry you are operating in, you could be seeing a significant rise in demand or in fact could have seen a decrease in demand.  47% of our audience has seen an increase, 40% a decrease whilst the remaining contact centres experienced no change.

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Top 10 Tips For The Modern Contact Centre

Top 10 Tips for the Modern Contact Centre

Exclusively written for
By Alice Trent

Alice Trent is a workplace trends blogger who uses her own experiences to provide advice to her readers. She believes that all workplaces should strive to encourage and protect their employees. In her free time, she loves to hike.

Today’s contact centres face more demand than ever. With consumers having grown used to faster and more personalised services, and agents expecting better working environments, there are a lot of relevant concerns. Fortunately though, there are a lot of ways for those managing call centres to adapt to these demands and challenges.

With that in mind, here are 10 specific tips for the modern contact centre.

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Mobile Call Recording – How To Keep Traders Trading

How To Keep Traders Trading - Mobile Call Recording

With markets fluctuating wildly due to the economic effects of the coronavirus outbreak, and companies closing offices and asking employees to work from home, organisations have had to adapt rather quickly in uncertain times.

Financial Services Firms in particular, have had the burden of setting up traders to work remotely, recreating the carefully monitored environment of the trading floor at not just one site, but potentially thousands.

According to The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) all firms are expected to have contingency plans in place to deal with major events. The FCA also state that they do not have any issues with UK staff working from backup sites, or home, so long as regulatory obligations are met. This may include, for example, ensuring recordings between traders and customers are still being recorded and monitored.

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