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Business Systems (UK) Ltd specialises in providing call recording and workforce optimisation solutions and today ranks as one of the most experienced independent providers with expertise covering systems design, project management, implementation and ongoing service delivery and support.

What we do

Business Systems is the UK's largest and most established independent call recording specialist. Founded in 1988 to service the City's financial institutions the company has built an impressive reputation for implementing complex projects on time and counts amongst its clients, institutions such as The Bank of England and Standard Life.

With contact centres demanding increased sophistication in their voice and data applications, Business Systems has since established itself as a leading systems integrator and workforce optimisation specialist for organisations such as Capita Customer Management and Experian.

How we do it

Richard Mill, managing director, comments:- "In the same way that a professional set of golf clubs do not automatically make the user a world champion, so an important call recording application is not resolved with equipment alone." The company uses scoping methodology on all projects based upon the business application and jointly with the client, selects the most appropriate technology to deliver the result. "We are still somewhat unique in this approach, probably because the initial investment to the implementers like ourselves is high but in the long term, the saving to both implementer and client is evident every time!"

The Technology We Use

Business Systems promotes the use of 'open' systems wherever it can, as we believe these to be in the client's best interest. The company has a policy of only using established manufacturers (see partners) and has a well-established history of service excellence.

Today and the Future

Today in the business world over 30% of the City institutions rely on Business Systems to deliver services essential to their trading operations and contact centres use our technology as part of their CRM strategy. The emergency services of Fire, Police and Ambulance use Business Systems for their control rooms and Air Traffic Control for their command centres.

The future of Business Systems UK Ltd lies in the development and deployment of new technology to deliver business and performance goals with ever increasing efficiency and value.