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Vocal Wordwatch Retrieval & Replay Portal

Vocal Wordwatch for live and legacy call recording retrieval and replay from a single point of access.

Vocal Wordwatch is a cutting edge virtualised playback portal that provides a single user interface to search, replay and export recordings from older legacy call recording systems, as well as record new calls and other interactions from mobile, cloud and on premise recording systems.

Unprecedented insight

The ability of Wordwatch to securely recover and store call recordings from multiple locations and systems, allows organisations to easily retrieve and replay recordings from their entire repository, often dating many years back. Its extended, criteria-based search capabilities ensure that the required recordings can be easily retrieved and assessed, whereas its advanced reporting module can help identify trends and patterns, providing unprecedented insight for fact verification and risk mitigation purposes.

  • EASY TO USE - easily find and retrieve calls from both current and legacy systems, through a single access point.
  • MODULAR TECHNOLOGY - a cost effective modular system which grows with your requirements and includes: quality monitoring – with evaluation and calibration, Automated PCI compliance and screen recording.
  • PROTECTS PREVIOUS INVESTMENTS - no need to throw out legacy recording systems. With Wordwatch you can access calls from multiple systems regardless of manufacturer. And when the aging hardware does become too great a risk, we can re-archive all calls onto a secure server.
  • COST OF OWNERSHIP AND ROI - with Wordwatch you can remove the support costs associated with maintaining legacy infrastructure, including recording platforms, obsolete operating systems (EOL/EOS), as well as software and subject matter expert knowledge.
  • PLAYBACK - Calls can be quickly and easily played back. Searches can be performed by metadata that is migrated. We can also ensure that calls can be found by client in the portal by DNIS.
  • MOBILE RECORDING - Wordwatch can seamlessly store and replay audio files from both landline and mobile recordings.
  • USER ACCESS - Wordwatch has full username and password authentication. The users are profile driven so that different types of users may have different access rights.

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