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TeleWare Mobile Call Recording

TeleWare Mobile Compliance (TMC) enables financial organisations to record mobile communications and audit text messages in order to adhere to the regulations imposed by the FCA.

TeleWare is a fully compliant service enabling organisations to record mobile phone voice calls and SMS messages from any handset without the complexity and risks associated with third party mobile software.

With over 8000 SIMs deployed across a large number of banks, trading floors and other financial institutions, TeleWare is considered a highly developed and mature mobile call recording solution.

  • QUICK AND EASY TO IMPLEMENT - Users simply replace the SIM card in their mobile phones with a TeleWare SIM. There are no clients or software to manage so less IT resource is required for implementation and ongoing support.
  • FLEXIBLE - on-demand call recording allows the user to simply record the call whenever they wish, either before or during the call.  
  • NO CHANGE TO THE USER EXPERIENCE - Calls made to or from any mobile fitted with a TeleWare SIM are automatically routed via the TeleWare platform before being delivered to the destination number. This means no delay, no double dialling or change in the process that a user would go through.
  • MEET REGULATORY REQUIREMENTS - including FCA and Dodd Frank
  • SECURE PLATFORM - Access to recordings stored on the TeleWare platform is made through a secure web interface so no hardware is needed for replay. Searches for call recordings/SMS can be filtered based on key search criteria with all CLI data present.

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