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Speech Analytics

Nexidia Interaction Analytics

One of the best ROI's of any speech analytics application, Nexidia offers scalability and flexibility to deliver meaningful results and insights rapidly

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NICE Communication Surveillance

NICE Communication Surveillance monitors traders across all channels of communication including voice and text to ensure essential compliance protection.

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NICE Interaction Analytics

NICE Interaction Analytics extracts valuable business intelligence from customer recordings and interaction data.

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NICE Quality Central

NICE Quality Central gives you a single, holistic approach to quality management, ensuring that your contact centre and back-office processes and performance metrics are closely tied to top-priority objectives.

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Red Box Quantify AudioSearch

Search recordings for spoken words. Red Box Quantify AudioSearch helps you to search and analyse the spoken content of voice recordings with unprecedented speed and accuracy.

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Verint 360 Speech Analytics

Verint Impact 360 speech analytics enables companies to anticipate market and customer needs faster by extracting valuable intelligence contained in customer calls.

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