Delving deeper into the world of Workforce Management for the Back Office

It is no secret that as a contact centre manager you have to be an expert at doing more with less and prioritising your goals as you go along. This usually means keeping your main focus on front office performance and excellent customer service. However, more often than not this can leave the back office, a vital branch of the operational family, at a disadvantage.

Fortunately, the same workforce management (WFM) solution which helps keep your front line in check can also work wonders for your back office. Here, we delve deeper into the world of workforce management technology for the back office and how it can help cut costs, meet service level agreements and establish operational efficiency.

Back Office Workforce Management

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Gamification: Unleash the power of competition

As business environments become more competitive, the importance of team performance for organisational success increases significantly. NICE Performance Management provides a single source of truth for employee performance data and goals.  In addition, it provides targeted coaching and gamification to motivate the right action.

Contact centre gamification is the implementation of game like mechanics in order to influence behaviour and activities. It is used to motivate and engage employees.

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What the WannaCry Ransomware attack means for Voice Recording systems operating on Microsoft Windows

Following the recent strain of the WannaCry ransomware attack, experts have cautioned that the best protection for systems running the Microsoft Windows operating system, is to have downloaded a patch issued by Microsoft in March.

1. What if my server is no longer supported by Windows? 

If your system is no longer supported by Microsoft (this includes Windows XP, and 2003) then this means your system is extremely vulnerable to hackers. In the voice recording world, a similar cyberattack could mean the loss of voice recordings and extremely personal data if a recording server is not up to date with the latest security patch.

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5 Ways to Get More Out of Your Agent Training

When trying to meet and improve service level agreements, reviewing agents’ performance and providing adequate agent training is imperative for success.

Unfortunately, making time for training doesn’t always seem possible. Contact centers are notorious for being extremely busy and agent time is closely monitored to ensure that customers’ calls are promptly answered.

There are a few things that you can start implementing immediately to help meet training needs while investing less time and effort and improving your outcomes…

5 ways to get more out of your agent training

Agent Training Tips

The rest of this article can be found exclusively on the Contact Center Pipeline website. Check out ‘5 Ways to Get More Out of Your Agent Training‘.

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How call recording can improve your law practice

Working in a law firm means you probably take a lot of important calls on any given day, but if you really needed to, could you recount every call you have received and every detail discussed during these calls?

Whether you need to record for note-taking, dispute resolution, regulatory compliance or training, call recording can benefit your firm. Here are 3 ways how:

1. Avoid loss of information

When talking to clients, it is vital to actively listen and note down important information. However, relying on taking notes during a conversation can be disruptive and may result in erroneous or missed details. Similarly, there may be instances when it is difficult to understand what the client is saying (noisy environment, talking quickly, speaking in a heavy accent etc). It offers lawyers peace of mind knowing that if necessary they are able to revisit the conversation post-factum and can therefore concentrate entirely on the conversation with their client.

How call recording can improve your law practice

How call recording can improve your law practice

Through call recording, staff can listen back to calls, pick up any missed information and/or clarify any misunderstandings, ensuring that nothing critical has been missed.

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FStech Awards 2017 Winner’s Profile : Compliance Project of the Year

Compliance Project of the Year

Compliance Project of the Year was another closely fought category at this year’s event, with the judges opting to award the win to Business Systems for its Vocal Wordwatch solution.

Financial institutions today are facing tightening national and international regulatory requirements, as government authorities collaborate to uncover suspicious trading activities. One of the most important requirements for financial institutions is the archiving, storage and replay of telephony, radio and turret recordings for set amounts of time, which can be up to seven years. Archiving consists of not only storing past recordings for a set retention period, but also the ability to quickly identify and retrieve recordings when required. Continue reading

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Cloud versus On-Premise –The battle rages on

Cloud versus on premise. That familiar on-going battle. As a contact centre professional, which one do you choose, particularly when scoping out your requirements for a Workforce Management solution?

Cloud Technology versus On-Premise

Cloud versus On-Premise

In a nutshell, there a number of benefits a cloud workforce management solution can deliver in comparison to an on premise. On the other hand, an on-premise solution is more suitable for those complex and tricky installations, allowing you to customise as you see fit. Both deployments come equipped with their pros and cons. Here we highlight the main benefits of cloud technology for you to consider:

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Business Systems’ partner TeleWare celebrates 25 years of innovation and communication

Communications technology business TeleWare has begun its celebrations of 25 years of market-leading innovation. Over the last quarter of a century, the company has embraced a philosophy of ‘better business through better communications’ and has held innovation at its core, resulting in a number of world firsts.

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Using Speech Analytics in Retail Banking

A few years back we were discussing how the mis-selling of Payment Protection Insurance has highlighted a need for banks to improve monitoring of customer-agent interactions to ensure compliance to regulations.

Today, the recent figures published by the FCA regarding consumer complaints, show not only how important it is for banks to re-engineer the way they monitor their customer interactions, but also how damaging it can be if they don’t. According to the report, UK financial institutions have recorded 3 million complaints over their products and services in the last six months of 2016, hitting a 5-year high. However, what really shows the impact these complaints have on the business is the compensation banks paid during the same period, which totalled £1.9 billion. Not surprisingly, PPI remains a hot topic representing 29% of the total number of complaints, followed by registered current accounts, packaged accounts and credit cards.

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Business Systems’ partner gets highest rating for vendor satisfaction in DMG Consulting’s 2017 WFM report

Business Systems’ partner, Teleopti, has achieved the highest ratings for customer satisfaction in the 2017 WFM Product and Market Report by DMG Consulting LLC. This is the 3rd year in a row that Teleopti has been named a top WFM provider by the analyst firm, consistently receiving high scores from satisfied customers.

Teleopti leader at DMG 2017 WFM report

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