Workforce Management emerging trends

Dave Evans, Workforce Management Consultant at Business Systems (UK) Ltd, discusses 3 emerging trends to watch out for in workforce management technology.

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[SURVEY] Workforce Management in 2017 – Is employee engagement part of the picture?

This year we have teamed up with The Forum to find out how far contact centres have come in incorporating Workforce Management into their operation and into their employee empowerment programmes.

Workforce Management Survey 2017

Are contact centres ready to accommodate their employees’ changing lifestyles and preferences to improve their engagement and loyalty, and empower them towards driving performance and formulating customer experiences?

If your contact centre has implemented or plans to implement a Workforce Management technology, whether basic or advanced, please take 5 minutes to complete our survey.

To find out what happened this year, download our previous report ‘The State of Workforce Management in Contact Centres – 2016’.

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Key factors to consider when procuring a technology solution

Business Systems’ Garry White explains the key factors to consider when procuring a technology solution.

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How to reduce attrition rates with workforce management

Reduce attrition rates through: Empowering employees

It’s simple – implementing the right workforce management system which comes equipped with self-service functionalities can reduce absenteeism and attrition offering your workforce a greater interest in what they do and a more flexible life style to meet their schedules. Some of the self-service functionalities which are available within WFM include:

Reduce attrition rates with WFM

Reduce attrition rates with WFM

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Understanding Millennials

These are your current (or future) employees and customers. Are you getting it right in attracting them and keeping them loyal?

Download our Infographic and find out:


Millennial Trends

  • What Millennials really want from a brand
  • What they want from an employer
  • Tips on how to get it right

Download Infographic >

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Business Intelligence for business growth

Garry White, Business Development Manager at Business Systems (UK) Ltd, discusses how Business Intelligence can help your business grow.

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6 common human errors that can result in call recording tech failure

If your organisation has invested in a call recording solution, it is important to ensure that it is properly functioning at all times, especially when you use it for compliance or mission critical communications.

With 27 years of experience delivering and supporting a wide range of call recording solutions, we outline the 6 common mistakes made that can result in system failure.

1 – Rebooting the system at the wrong time or there is a power cut

If the system is rebooted, either manually or due to an unexpected power cut and you only have a single site solution and no data recovery options, your call recording system will stop working. Without a UPS to manage a controlled shutdown process, the reboot or shutdown can cause major data loss.

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5 Quality Monitoring challenges which Interaction Analytics can solve

Leaders in customer service are well aware that every customer contact can impact their contact centres bottom line. It is for this simple yet important reason that call quality is increasingly highlighted and monitored within contact centres. Today’s Quality Monitoring (QM) programs however, do not come without their faults, where some of the processes and corresponding functionalities to support these incentives are often outdated.

In a market that is rapidly changing due to increased customer expectations, Speech and or Interaction analytics can be a technology game-changer.

Here we delve into some quality associated challenges organisations succumb to, and how an analytics orientated programme can help.

QM & Speech Analytics

Quality Monitoring & Interaction Analytics

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Vocal Wordwatch: a solution for legacy and live call replay

Business Systems’ Will Davenport explains how award-winning Vocal Wordwatch can provide a viable, secure solution for legacy and live call replay from a single point of access.

One of the reoccurring hot topics our clients are coming to talk to us about is Vocal Wordwatch; a legacy replay solution which helps organisations access old call recording data as well as replay live calls all from one portal, making the data mining process easier and more effective.

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Business Systems customers named Finalists for the European Contact Centre and Customer Service Awards

  • Equiniti and Dekra secured their spot within two hotly contested award categories
  • Winners will be announced during the Awards Dinner in London on November 21, 2016

Business Systems (UK) Ltd today announced that two of its customers, leading business process services provider Equiniti, and business performance optimisation specialist Dekra, have been selected as finalists in the European Contact Centre and Customer Service Awards (ECCCSA) competition. Equiniti and Dekra were awarded finalist positions in the ‘Best Deployment of Customer Insight’ and ‘Most Effective Learning and Development Programme’ categories respectively.

Equiniti (, has been named a finalist in the category of ‘Best Deployment of Customer Insight’ for its use of Business Systems’ Speech Analytics solution to obtain better customer insight and optimise their processes. With speech analytics they were able to turn the centre’s 2.6 million spoken interactions that take place between customers and advisers annually, into searchable content that can be analysed to identify trends more quickly than ever before. This increased visibility to the entirety of the calls, helping them identify and resolve both operational inefficiencies and causes of dissatisfaction.

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