Real-Time Feedback, friend or foe?

Real-time guidance

Real-time feedback is used primarily by contact centres and is the ability to monitor conversations in real-time and intervene where necessary to improve the outcome –whether it is preventing an issue from escalating, taking advantage of a cross-selling opportunity, or simply advising an agent on a specific topic, process or tool.

To understand if this technology has been seamlessly embedded in the daily operation of contact centres and what its benefits and drawbacks are as experienced by those that use it, we asked contact centre professionals for their opinion. Here is what they told us.

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5 mistakes to avoid when scheduling with WFM

Workforce management (WFM) technology has developed alongside the contact center, coming a long way from the single-channel scheduling tool it once was.

Like any tool, however, if not used correctly, it can become more of a burden than a saviour. Here are 5 common mistakes made when scheduling with a workforce management tool and how to avoid them in order to meet targets with less effort and achieve a faster return on investment.

The rest of this article can be found exclusively on the Contact Center pipeline website. Check out ‘5 mistakes to avoid when scheduling with WFM‘.

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4 ways call recording can help achieve top biller status

Recruitment has always been a highly competitive sector with consultants and agencies pitted against one another to achieve top biller or best agency status. The challenge any staffing agency has, is to replicate the successes of their top recruitment specialists whilst learning from the mistakes using these insights to drive better performance and revenue whilst increasing employer and candidate satisfaction.

Call recording is not a new concept, historically being used by contact centres for call quality monitoring and banks for compliance. Following on from the last article we wrote in 2014 on ‘Using call recording for recruitment to give you an edge’, and the interest we’ve been receiving from this particular market, we thought it timely to provide you with an update on how recording your calls can help you maximise your top billers and strengthen your USPs.

4 ways call recording can help achieve top biller status

Call recording for recruitment

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Powering up morale in Police Control Rooms with Workforce Management

In 2015, our article ‘3 Ways Workforce Management can Improve Policing Efficiency’ we touched on how scheduling, forecasting and real time adherence can help the police force improve quality of service, by increasing both resource efficiency and availability whilst reducing unnecessary expenditures.

Following on comments and conversations initiated by this article, another important factor emerged. Maintaining employee morale and providing sufficient learning and development opportunities, was highlighted by police force planners as one of the key challenges they strive to improve. And it is true. Police force employees are tasked with following government guidelines, meeting public expectations, addressing demands from their own and other forces, and maintaining public safety; in such a high pressure environment it is easy to lose sight of the needs of the individual.

Driven by this discussion, in this article we highlight how the Self-Service functionality available in most new Workforce Management solutions, can help empower staff and improve morale and service levels within Police command centres.

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Top 4 technologies that reduce cost in the contact centre

Contact Centre Managers can face a real challenge when it comes to reducing cost. To make the most out of every customer interaction requires a balance of productivity, quality and efficiency in day to day operations.

Here are our top 4 technologies that can help optimise costs without compromising quality:

Top 4 technologies to help reduce cost in the contact centre

Reduce cost in the contact centre

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Recording of face-to-face meetings for compliance within the financial industry

In the past few years, it has become clear that financial regulators are upping their game in battling market abuse. In putting together a strategy to encompass all the different regulatory requirements many of which admittedly revolve around ensuring appropriate professional behaviours, face-to-face meetings should not be left out of the equation. After all some of the most important communications are taking place face-to-face.

Face to face recordings for compliance

Face to face recordings for compliance

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Business Systems Announced Finalist at FStech Awards

The company is shortlisted for the category Compliance Project of the Year up against industry specialists like SWIFT and Hitachi

London, January 10 2017 – Business Systems (UK) Ltd, leading compliance and performance optimisation solutions provider, today announced that it has been shortlisted for the category Compliance Project of the Year at the FStech Awards 2017. The company’s entry described the successful deployment of the Vocal Wordwatch portal by a leading multinational financial institution to address major technology and compliance issues related to its international estate of legacy call recording systems and storage media.

“At Business Systems, we strive to provide best-in-class solutions that enable financial institutions to effectively evidence regulated communications and meet the ever tightening directives like MiFID II, Solvency II and SMR,” said Stephen Thurston, Founding Director, Business Systems. “We are honoured to be recognised by FStech and the Awards’ esteemed panel of judges for our performance and leadership in market surveillance technologies.”

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Digitisation of tape recordings

The way call recordings are stored, plays an important role in ensuring organisations are able to access audio assets either for compliance or business intelligence purposes. Magnetic tape represents one of the riskiest storage mediums for recordings as it has a finite lifespan (10-20 years) and is susceptible to premature degrading dependent on storage conditions and access frequency. In the past, keeping multiple copies and transcription have been the recommended failsafe methods. Today however, digitisation (moving the audio data to a digital environment such as a hard drive or the cloud) has become best practice as it helps organisations reduce disadvantages and risks that come along side magnetic media.

Digitisation of recordings stored on magnetic media

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Business Systems partners with Customer Feedback Analysis & Reporting experts

Dissatisfied customers are 4 times more likely to switch to a competitor. At Business Systems we understand the importance not only of collecting feedback from your customers, but also acting upon it.

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6 technologies that will drive recording compliance in 2017


As regulatory frameworks within the financial industry tighten, the need to consider robust solutions that will help financial organisations meet regulatory and stakeholder demands without compromising compliance is now more important than ever.

Heard this around a hundred times now?

We thought as much. And so, we wanted to get straight to the point, and provide a breakdown of what we see as the ‘must have’ compliant-driven solutions and what they can deliver. As the New Year slowly creeps around the corner and MiFID II just a year away, here are the top 6 technologies that will help achieve the required levels of compliance for 2017 and beyond.

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