6 common human errors that can result in call recording tech failure

If your organisation has invested in a call recording solution, it is important to ensure that it is properly functioning at all times, especially when you use it for compliance or mission critical communications.

With 27 years of experience delivering and supporting a wide range of call recording solutions, we outline the 6 common mistakes made that can result in system failure.

1 – Rebooting the system at the wrong time or there is a power cut

If the system is rebooted, either manually or due to an unexpected power cut and you only have a single site solution and no data recovery options, your call recording system will stop working. Without a UPS to manage a controlled shutdown process, the reboot or shutdown can cause major data loss.

2 – Antivirus not configured properly

Adding an incorrectly configured Antivirus can cause the recording to stop, as such it is important to ensure it is configured properly by following your call recording vendor’s instructions. Most recording systems can support Antiviruses of some type but there are certain folders or files that must be excluded; like the ones where the audio recording would normally reside. Additional files might also need to be excluded but this will vary depending on the solution.

Moreover, make sure to reinstate those parameters and exclusions when the Antivirus is upgraded to a newer version, as occasionally an upgrade will reset the Antivirus to the default settings.

6 common human errors that can result in call recording tech failure

6 common human errors that can result in call recording tech failure

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5 Quality Monitoring challenges which Interaction Analytics can solve

Leaders in customer service are well aware that every customer contact can impact their contact centres bottom line. It is for this simple yet important reason that call quality is increasingly highlighted and monitored within contact centres. Today’s Quality Monitoring (QM) programs however, do not come without their faults, where some of the processes and corresponding functionalities to support these incentives are often outdated.

In a market that is rapidly changing due to increased customer expectations, Speech and or Interaction analytics can be a technology game-changer.

Here we delve into some quality associated challenges organisations succumb to, and how an analytics orientated programme can help.

QM & Speech Analytics

Quality Monitoring & Interaction Analytics

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Vocal Wordwatch: a solution for legacy and live call replay

Business Systems’ Will Davenport explains how award-winning Vocal Wordwatch can provide a viable, secure solution for legacy and live call replay from a single point of access.

One of the reoccurring hot topics our clients are coming to talk to us about is Vocal Wordwatch; a legacy replay solution which helps organisations access old call recording data as well as replay live calls all from one portal, making the data mining process easier and more effective.

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Business Systems customers named Finalists for the European Contact Centre and Customer Service Awards

  • Equiniti and Dekra secured their spot within two hotly contested award categories
  • Winners will be announced during the Awards Dinner in London on November 21, 2016

Business Systems (UK) Ltd today announced that two of its customers, leading business process services provider Equiniti, and business performance optimisation specialist Dekra, have been selected as finalists in the European Contact Centre and Customer Service Awards (ECCCSA) competition. Equiniti and Dekra were awarded finalist positions in the ‘Best Deployment of Customer Insight’ and ‘Most Effective Learning and Development Programme’ categories respectively.

Equiniti (www.equiniti.com), has been named a finalist in the category of ‘Best Deployment of Customer Insight’ for its use of Business Systems’ Speech Analytics solution to obtain better customer insight and optimise their processes. With speech analytics they were able to turn the centre’s 2.6 million spoken interactions that take place between customers and advisers annually, into searchable content that can be analysed to identify trends more quickly than ever before. This increased visibility to the entirety of the calls, helping them identify and resolve both operational inefficiencies and causes of dissatisfaction.

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Why you should consider Skype for Business Recording

Skype for Business offers contact centres the potential to provide a more personalised service, one that includes video and shared screen/desktop as part of the customer service experience. Through Skype, contact centre agents can answer customers queries via voice or chat, personalise the communication through video chat, demonstrate visually how to solve their problem and, if necessary, share desktops and screens. Just as with any other customer communication channel, such as phone, email and social, interactions with customers via Skype offer a wealth of information that can significantly impact business decisions, improve operations and promote customer loyalty.

Skype for business recording

Skype for business recording

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Business Systems among the 2016 Technology Innovator Awards Winners

Business Systems wins Recognised Leaders in Workforce Optimisation Solutions – UK award, where its unique Vocal WordWatch portal is recognised as Best for Call Retrieval & Replay Technology – UK   

2016 Technology Innovator Awards

2016 Technology Innovator Awards

Isleworth, September 20 2016 – Business Systems announced today that it is among the winners of the coveted 2016 Technology Innovator Awards that recognise and reward the individuals, departments and firms behind the ground-breaking developments that change the way we do business for the better. The company, with its innovative software portal Vocal WordWatch, has earned two titles, “Recognised Leaders in Workforce Optimisation Solutions – UK” and “Best for Call Retrieval & Replay Technology – UK”. Continue reading

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Business Systems and Wilmac strengthen their global support alliance

The Business Systems and Wilmac Global Partnership Alliance continues to grow in strength well into the second year of its formation

[Press Release] – Business Systems and Wilmac have developed the Global Partnership Alliance to address the growing need for exceptional support and service on a global scale for recording technologies and related solutions.

Founded in 2015, the Global Partnership Alliance was the result of an increasing number of global customers expressing the need to extend their service and support contracts across their countries of presence. The Global Partnership Alliance has quickly grown to include 18 partners across 39 countries.

Internationally, customers have greater and simpler centralized control of their estate, with standardized cost plans and levels of service. At a more local level, customers receive technical support from the best local provider who has a strong regional presence and is familiar with national regulations and norms.

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Making Call Recording work for the entire business

Call recording solutions have been well adopted by contact centres to help improve quality and subsequently customer satisfaction. However, its benefits go far beyond the contact centre and can be applied to a number of different departments across an organisation. Call recording can not only increase customer satisfaction and reduce customer attrition, it can also help create customer centric sales and marketing strategies as well as manage workforce effectively.

Here is how you can increase the return on your investment in call recording, whilst empowering your Sales, Marketing and HR functions.

Making Call Recording work for the entire business

Making Call Recording work for the entire business

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5 top tips for deploying a WFM employee portal

Workforce Management (WFM) self-service and engagement capabilities are key functionalities within Workforce Management technology. It allows employees to view schedules, request absences, view their own performance and self-schedule through preference and availability options.

A WFM employee portal provides an organisation with a fantastic opportunity, not only to engage their employees but to also help reduce the management overhead of dealing with requests and reporting. As part of the engagement toolkit, the employee portal enables the employee to take control and accountability for all elements relating to their work patterns.

So if you’re considering deploying an employee portal via WFM, here are 5 top tips you should consider to ensure a successful outcome:

5 Top tips for.deploying a WFM employee portal

WFM employee portal.

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MiFID and Mobile Call Recording – the turbulent relationship

To set the scene on the Brexit stage, on the 24th June, the FCA issued a “Statement on European Union referendum result” stating that:

“Firms must continue to abide by their obligations under UK law, including those derived from EU law and continue with implementation plans for legislation that is still to come into effect”.

MiFID II therefore still represents a colossal change – Brexit or no Brexit. As regulatory framework for the financial industry tightens, financial institutions are being called upon to record “all communications that are intended to lead to a transaction”.

So what does this really mean for mobile call recording?

MiFID and Mobile

MiFID and Mobile Call Recording

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